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The Written Bridge is a freelance writing company that understands the importance of having the right words. A tagline, well scripted video advertisement, or an engaging article can bridge the gap between businesses and their customers.  Every company or organization is looking for "more", whether it be more customers and sales or becoming a bigger influence to the world around them. What ever your "more" is we'll help you reach it!


As a new company we lean heavily on our craft, experience, and the love of people. Our first project was for a non-profit organization who wanted to broaden their reach to the masses. It was our job to do just that through social media outlets and blog posts but halfway through our contract the CEO passed away. The weighted responsibility of honoring the vision turned our hearts to every overlooked business and organization looking to stretch their good works but don't know where to start. Out of tragedy will come triumph for every client we work with. It is our passion to write, to connect companies to customers, and to bring honor and attention to visionaries. Whether you've just started to build your brand or are a veteran in your industry, wherever you envision yourself going, let us get you there. 


Vanessa Clark - CEO

Hi there! I specialize in business consultations, video scripts for advertisements and engaging blog posts. My goal for every business is exponential growth and brand awareness.

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We also assist in brand building! If  you're feeling lost in the process, we're here!

Can't find the right words? we can!

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